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Dr.Lee’s Room

Therapist’s Room  



Ergo FX Chiropractic Flexion/Distraction Table by Chattanooga
(One of the most expensive multifunctional automatic table)


Quantum 400 Spinal Intersegment Traction Table (A few units in Singapore)


HY-Lo Activator Table


Body Bridge Table for the Posture & Scoliosis


Equipments for Low force technique

ArthroStim and VibraCussor

Here are some ot the instruments that are being used in VitalClinic for therapies.



The ArthroStim® instrument features a spring cushioned 'floating stylus' design that enables a practitioner to instantly increase and decrease the thrusting force simply by increasing or decreasing pressure against the body. This permits the practitioner to utilize the ArthroStim® as an extension of their own hands.  The rapid thrust and unique recoil produced by the ArthroStim® activates the patient's proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors without recruiting the nocioceptors (pain receptors), providing the comfort today's patient demands. It's like having 27 little tiny adjustments instead of one big one.



VibraCussor® percussive therapy is an exciting new treatment approach for muscle and ligament problems and related myofascial conditions.  The VibraCussor® instrument delivers waves of percussive impulses deep into the tissues of the body.  VibraCussor® therapy is very effective for releasing muscles. The VibraCussor® compression waves promote an increase in circulation and lymphatic flow and a decrease in muscle spasm. The VibraCussor® instrument can also be used following an event, or exercising, to 'flush' muscles and minimize soreness.


Torque release “Integrator” and “Activator”

The Integrator

Out of the largest human population research study in chiropractic history comes the Integrator™.


The Integrator™ is the only chiropractic adjusting instrument that was developed out of randomized clinical trial, blinded and with placebo control. The study was designed by Robert Duncan, Ph. D., biostatistician, at the University of Miami School of Medicine, together with the Holder Research Institute and founded in part by a grant from the Florida Chiropractic Society. Years of development, testing and design went into creating an instrument that would deliver that 3rd dimensional dynamic that adjusting by hand embraced but that no other instrument in chiropractic delivered; "TORQUE" and "RECOIL". THE INTEGRATOR reproduces the entire thrust and movement components of TOGGLE RECOIL, the classic Chiropractic Method of adjusting by hand at a speed of 1/10,000th of a second. No instrument in chiropractic history has been able to reproduce what the hands were intended to do! Many other features are built into the Integrator however the precocking/tip sensitive automatic release mechanism makes the Integrator the first and only chiropractic adjusting instrument capable of totally true inter-professional reproducibility. This instrument, also known as the Torque Adjustor™ is unlike other hand held instruments. The Integrator has true force adjustment as well as choice of three tip sizes, shapes and density characteristics to allow for the chiropractor the greatest outcome in correcting almost any subluxation that can present itself. The Integrator™ is a legally marketed medical device for the adjustment of the Vertebral Subluxation; only available to licensed Doctors of Chiropractic.



InBody Composition Analyzer

For check up; Body metabolism, Diet, Target Exercise, Growth, etc.

12.png 13.jpg


Lean Body Mass

Body Fat Mass

Total Body Water

Dry Lean Mass

Body Mass Index(BMI)

Percent Body Fat

Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR)

Segmental Lean Mass(Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right leg, Left Leg)

Impedance of Each Segments

Body composition by longstanding, trusted InBody technology

Provides essential data for any weight loss and fitness program 

Provides quick analysis of body composition as well as segmental muscle and body fat analysis

Personal, user friendly result sheet, with thermal result sheet option

Measurement data is stored and can viewed and manipulated on your computer