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    Testimonial from a patient who had Hip Joint to Leg Pain and Shoulder to Elbow, Fingers Pain(28 January, 2015)

    1. Please describe the condition you had/general health prior to receiving chiropractic care at Vital Clinic. And how did condition affect your daily life or performance? Indescribable pain on left hip joint, going down to leg and back.  Also a long suffering pain on right shoulder, heading down to elbow and fingers. Daily life + performance : As i could not walk properly and sit for long period on the floor it made my life and work a little impossible. I'm stubborn but the pain persisted. - Please describe any previous methods of health care you used before coming to Vital Clinic Chiropractic....
    AGE GROUP70~79 SEXFemale NATIONALITYSingapore SYMPTOM.1Acute / Chronic Pain (Disc/Nerve/Spine | Sports Injury | PTSD)
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